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Bio and Environmental Technology
The integration of chemical engineering principles with biology has seen synergistic effects on better understanding and analysis of exquisite biochemical phenomena, facilitating their engineering application in virtually all areas.

Our research is directed towards the scalable protein refolding process design, biomineralization bsed hybrid nanoparticle synthesis, bioprocess intensification, biosensors and bioelectronics, design and application of engineered biomolecules, bioinspired nanopatterning, bioremediation, bioenergy, bioremediation and bionano analytical device design.

Many ongoing projects are of multidisciplinary nature, emphasizing active collaboration among the researchers of diverse backgrounds.
단백질 및 생물공정공
신생체모사재료 및 면역
나노생체재료 재생의학
세포 및 조직공학
Natural Finishing Process Engineering
Major Research Areas
Health-care finishing process with natural functional materials
Exist in nature, plant, animal, mineral materials, using our health-care and help foster a comfortable living environment for the textile processing methods are studied.
I have a picture of the natural antimicrobial, deodorant, anti-allergic, nerve stability, and sweet sleep functioanl agents by selectively applied to fibers to help our health-care and comportable living environment to forster the development of textile materials and clothing as well as interior materials, and to deploy new applications.
Natural dyeing
Exist in nature, plant, animal, mineral materials, using natural dyes to be studied.
Because natural dyes are used as oriental medicine material mainly, a lot of natural dyes dyed fibers than synthetic dyes dyed fibers are good for health-care and natural, elegant colors are obtained.
Direct printing method, discharge printing method, resist printing method apply to printing and dip dyeing fabrics dyes by a similar variety of patterns of synthetic dyed fabrics and garments to get the research and development as well as interior materials, and to deploy new applications.