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Bio and Environmental Technology
The integration of chemical engineering principles with biology has seen synergistic effects on better understanding and analysis of exquisite biochemical phenomena, facilitating their engineering application in virtually all areas.

Our research is directed towards the scalable protein refolding process design, biomineralization bsed hybrid nanoparticle synthesis, bioprocess intensification, biosensors and bioelectronics, design and application of engineered biomolecules, bioinspired nanopatterning, bioremediation, bioenergy, bioremediation and bionano analytical device design.

Many ongoing projects are of multidisciplinary nature, emphasizing active collaboration among the researchers of diverse backgrounds.
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Nanobiomaterials & Regenerative Medicine
Major Research Areas
We apply multidisciplinary strategies to treat various diseases. Specifically we are interested in engineering of nanobiomaterials including diverse nanoparticles and three dimensional polymer scaffolds. By controlling their physical and chemical properties, these materials can exhibit unique characteristics which have high potentials to overcome various problems in current clinical approaches to treat diseases. These materials are used in diagnostics, drug and cell delivery, immunotherapy, and regenerative medicine.

Designed Fabrication of Nanobiomaterials
We design, synthesize, and assemble diverse functional nanoparticles for their biomedical application including biosensors, molecular imaging, and cancer therapy.
Biomaterials for Cell and Tissue Engineering
We develop drug delivery systems using biodegradable polymers or hydrogels for cell and tissue engineering. Various small molecule, growth factor, cells, and nanoparticles can be released from the vehicles to modulate cells and tissues.
3D Artificial Cellular Microenvironments
We design and fabricate three dimensional material systems to investigate the role of 3D materials for controlling cellular microenvironments of cancer.
Material-Based Immunotherapy
We study the role of diverse materials in promoting and regulating immune responses and develp novel material systems for immunotherapy.
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