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Energy Technology
Green energy is currently attracting extensive interest from researchers who envision an new energy source to be a renewable, clean and promising way to use from the sun, wind and water at low cost and with infinite of natural resource due to the exhaustion of fossil fuel generating greenhouse gas and environmental disruption. Our group has a focus on research and education in not only energy systems including hydrogen production, solar cell, fuel cells, and energy storage devices but also nanostructured materials for various kinds of energy devices. This group provides integrated and multidisciplinary programs of scientific-education and research concerning on energy technology.
고분자물리 및 응용
다상유동 및 분체 공학
미세유체 및 코팅공정
미세유체 및 코팅공정
Catalyst Engineering
Major Research Area
Doing research on new catalysts and their applications, particularly on H2 production, C1 chemistry and energy-related catalysts.
As of 2008, 2 graduate students in the Ph.D. course and 1 in the M.S. course. (Total 4 Ph.D's & 25 M.S.'s)
Carbon black for CO2-free H2 production by hydrocarbon decomposition
Part 1. Hydrogen Production by Thermocatalytic Decomposition of Methane and Ethane over Carbon Blacks.

Part 2. Model for acetylene chemisorption on active sites on carbon black for methane decomposition
Hydrogen production by reforming of hydrocarbons
Hydrogen is an ideal fuel for various fuel cell systems. For the mobile or stationary production of hydrogen, partial oxidation(POx) of hydrocarbons such as natural gas, gasoline and diesel is a parctical method. In our laboratory, Ni/calcium hydroxyapatite and Ni-substituted hydrotalcite derived catalysts are studied for partial oxidation of methane and diesel. Improvement of the catalyst stability is sought for.

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