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Materials Technology
Development of new materials is a core technology that has walked together with human history and technology movement. Studies on modern technology of new materials is focusing on the extraction of synergistic properties through a fusion of individual materials, which requires a profound understanding on the chemistry as a fundamental of the material and the chemical engineering as a toolkit for the realization. Our research group is fully constructing systematic resources for materials design, synthesis, characterization and manipulation, particularly based on the specialized organic and polymeric materials, from which we are directing the development of versatile materials for biomedical, electronic and industrial applications. Furthermore, under the academic banner of °?sustainable growth°Ø for the next generation, we are currently emphasizing studies on environmentally benign and low-energy consuming materials and processing.
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Polymer Nano Structure
    and Properties Lab
Major Research Areas
■ Bioactive agents delivery system
■ Nanoprobes/molecular imaging for theragnosis
■ X-ray marker/gene delivery system
■ Interventional injection therapy
■ Controlled drug delivery system
Bioactive agents delivery/nanoprobe for theranostics using polymer micelle
pH-sensitive block copolymer can form a micelle structure due to its amphiphilicity and ionization characteristics depending on pH variations is investigated and thus can be used as nanoprobe for molecular imaging and drug carrier for targeted drug delivery depending on pH variations in the body.

Controlled drug delivery system using injectable hydrogel and its interventional injection therapy
Novel drug delivery system for the treatment of liver cancer that is based on interventional injection of a temperature and pH-sensitive hydrogel is investigated. The drug delivery system is composed of a block copolymer applicable to hepatic arterial cathetering and a therapeutic agent is loaded inside the drug delivery system.

X-ray marker and gene carrier for cancer therapy by injectable pH sensitive hydrogel
Optimal markers which is composed of pH-sensitive, injectable and biodegradable polymers mixed by radio-opaque material for radiometric diagnosis & therapy is investigated for gene delivery system.